ReelOUT Short Film Competition

ReelOUT Short Film Competition RULES

All Short films must focus on one of these three:

1) has LGBT principle character
2) has LGBT story or theme
3) deals with LGBT issue

Genre: Horror/Thriller • Theme: Pet Peeves

• film cannot be more than 10 minutes in length including credits
• film must not go above NC-17 guidelines
• all finished films must be submitted by May 1.

Your final script must be submitted as PDF here at the same time as
your entry fee at PayPal (please add your team name where it says
“Add special instructions to the seller”).
You have until May 1, to submit your finished film.
You can deviate from your script slightly (change dialog, add or remove part of a scene) but do not deviate more than 25% or your film will be disqualified.
• All submissions must be in MP4 (h.264) format, 1280×720
• Note: All film editing software has this formatting option

To Submit your Film:
Upload your finished film to YOUR Vimeo account (free accounts are available, see for limits). Mark your film as Private and set a password for that film. Then, email us the link and the password for your film. This helps to ensure your privacy in the competition and makes it easier for the judges to review your film.

5 judges TBD
1-5 scale

• direction
• cinematography
• hair/makeup
• best actor
• best actress
• special effects
• sound design
• editing

Prizes: Cash/Prizes TBD

The top (10) films will be screened at the 2014 Out Twin Cities Film Festival in June.

Employees of Out Twin Cities Film Festival and Killing Joke Films cannot participate.